These are studynotes for Ch. 39 of the American Pageant. NOTE: the notes are meant for review. Sounds obvious but some do not understand that.

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1960'S a sex revolution, civil rights rev and the emergence of a youth culture. The Vietnam war and feminism.


-The attorney general, Robert Kennedy, set out to recast the priorities of the FBI which deployed nearly a 1000 agents on "internal security" but targeted only a dozen against organized crime and gave almost no attention to civil rights violations. His efforts were resisted by Edgar Hoover who had served as FBI director longer than the Rob had been alive. Biz whiz Robert McNamara left the presidency of the Ford Motor Company to take over the Defense Dept.

-Kennedy was the youngest pres. w/ the youngest cabinet and his challenge of a "New frontier" quickened patriotic pulses. Proposed the Peace corps which was an army of idealistic youth volunteers who would take Amer. Skills 2 underdeveloped countries.


-the New Frontier consisted of proposals such as fed aid for edu.

And medical assistance for the elderly. He forced an expansion of the House Rules committee dominated by conservatives.

-he tried to keep inflation down by negotiating a non inflationary wage agreement in the steel industry in early 1962. However, steel management increased prices and Kennedy called the "big steel" men into the Oval office and the steel operators backed down. This provoked attacks on big Business. He advocated a tax-cut. For econ. stimulus and for mil. Strategy and sci. prestige he proposed a multibillion dollar project to land Americans on the moon.


-1961 the soviets began to construct the Berlin wall.

-Kennedy secured the Trade Expansion Act in 1962, authorizing tax cuts of up to 50% to promote trade w/common Market companies (free trade area later called the Eur. Union)

-charles de Gulle was the pres.