Theseus and his Adventures in the Labyrynth. How Theseus killed the minautor

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Theseus Athens great hero

At birth Theseus an unknown father. His mother , Aethra , was friendly with both Poseidon and Aegeus (Hunt 3-6). Before Theseus was born Aegeus said to Aethra .' If we are to have a son , when he is grown have him take my sword and sandals from under this boulder to me ,' then he was off to Athens. Theseus was born in a small town called Troezen and grew up there, in a normal way.

When Theseus was old enough Aethra took Theseus to the boulder where the sandals and sword were and told him what Aegeus had said. Theseus lifted the giant boulder with ease and immediately wanted to go to Athens. He insisted on going by land even though it is much more dangerous for there are thieves and he did not want to heed his mother's warnings. So he was off to Athens on foot to meet his father.

On the journey Theseus met many thieves and out whited every one of them from asking to see there nice weapons and using them agents the thieves to seeing what they were trying to do to him and using that to hurt or usually kill them. Either way Theseus showed courage and wisdom in his quick thinking that would make him a great hero that would be remembered for many years to come.

The first day in Athens Theseus started looking for Aegeus' castle but what he did not know was that Aegeus was ,at the time, under the power of a sorcerer by the name of Medea. She could see the power in him from afar and saw that he would take her power so she told Aegeus to kill him. At this time either Aegeus nor Theseus knew that...