They Cage The Animals At Night

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" Sal," I cried. " You came for me. You came for me." " Yes I did son." He hugged me tightly.

" Well, I'll be," Officer Daily said. " How did you know he'd be here?" Sal Laughed.

" I know my son," he said. He tried wiping some of the tears streaming down my face. These quotes came out of the end of the book called They Cage the Animals at Night By Jennings Michael Burch. It shows that Jennings had someone who cared about him a lot. Sal is always there for Jennings no matter what. Sal was the bestest friend that Jennings had and they really loved each other. Sal is the most influential person in Jennings life. The three ways that Sal is the most influential to Jennings are Sal is always there for him, Sal shows him what it means to have a father, and Sal teaches Jennings about love and friendship.

Sal is always there for Jennings. Jennings wrist is cut when he is in a fight with his schoolmates. Sal rescues Jennings from his schoolmates. (Burch.1984, p.155) Sal wants to keep him from getting hurt. Sal protecting Jennings makes Jennings feel safe. Jennings rides Sal's bus and they become friends. Sal comforts Jennings after his cat Midnight dies. (Burch.1984, p.129) Sal cares about how Jennings day is going and everyday he would ask him. Sal tries to help Jennings feel better after his cat Midnight dies. Sal finds Jennings at the zoo all alone. (Burch.1984, p.291) Jennings is happy that he isn't alone anymore at the zoo. Jennings has fun at the zoo now that he has someone there to enjoy the zoo with him.

Sal shows Jennings what it means to have a father. Sal makes a commitment to Jennings...