How they cruxified people

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it seems that the cruxifiction was one or the worst deaths ever. It explains it vividly in the bible. It seems at first when you were sentanced to that certian death they brought you through the court yard and let people mock,spit and ridicule you. After they had done that, they whipped you but not just once, im estimating around 30-40 times. At the sound of the whip a painful cut would be left showing the blood that was within you at the time. It seemed that sense they whipped you so hard it was difficult to move, making it seem impossible for you to hold the cross you were going to be cruxified on. after that they stripped you of your clothes not even giving you pity and letting you wear rags. they tied your arms so you wouldn't run out and took about 3 inch nails and hammerd them through your hands and feet causing you to stay on the cross permanantly and making it seem hard to move.

They sometimes to act kindly brought around vinager and wine to help the pain to me less intense. when you were finally dead they had to make sure so they sometimes took a spear and stabbed your side making blood come out and sometimes landing on the person who stabbed you. Other times they took you down from the cross and broke your legs with out anasthetic.