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It's true what they say, the world is being attacked by aliens. And now is the time to uncover this little known secret that the government has tried to hide all of these years. When the truth is unveiled the whole world will know that there is life beyond this planet and that we could soon be visted by another lifeform. Once this creature reaches the earth then we could be doomed. Since we don't know what this alien has in store for the people of earth we should find someway to either protect ourselves against them or find some way to live on another planet. We should do anything to avoid being destroyed by this unknown creature. The people of earth should start to make plans to retreat to a different planet in the near future. These plans consist of stocking up on all of the necessary goods, such as food, water, clothes, materials to build shelter,etc.

Once these plans have been completed the earthlings should be on their way in search of a new place to dwell. But the whole idea of living next door to other lifeforms could also be a big scam that was just set in place to drown many people out of their money. Many stores have been created in which the sole theme is to promote the existence of aliens.