Things that amounted American Revolution

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Many ways that amounted to a revolution were violent physically and financially. There were many ways that constitutional and social developments caused a revolution.

The secession of 1860 was one of the first developments which resulted revolution. Some other constitutional developments that caused conflict were the Emancipation Proclamation, 13th, 14th, and the 15th amendments and the harsh reconstruction plan. Few of the social developments that caused the revolution were the Black Codes, Freedmen's Bureau and the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). Document A contains a constitutional development which had to do with South Carolina Declaration of Causes of Secession. South Carolina was the first to secede and then others followed and this angered the North because they considered it to be their land. In Document B Senator John Sherman, wanted every policy in the country national. Senator stated that if we were dependent of the U.S. then they shall have more generous nationality.

He also states that because we gave the states too much power and rights in constitution that this is the reason of our government being weak.

Lincoln's "not too harsh" "10%" reconstruction plan was assassinated with him on April 14, 1865. Another development that caused a revolution was the "Reconstruction Act" of the Government, "50%" plan which was harsher then Lincoln's plan. It was to make the 50% of the southern population pledge allegiance to the United States. This act put too many restrictions on the south. One way was that it established military governors police power and expected to register new electorate voters, etc. This made the south angrier and a revolution was insight. The Freedmen's Bureau was supposed to give Homesteads to the freed slaves but none of the promises by the government were kept, as stated in Document E. Looking at Document F you can...