"Things do not change, we do". Discuss this view in relation to your own ideas about the novel Things Fall Apart and the concept of 'changing self'.

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The idea that "things do not change, we do" is incorrect. Although it can be the case at times, it is entirely inaccurate as the phrase "we do" in this view can be easily replaced by "circumstances". "Things" may not change, but circumstances, which we usually have no control over, certainly do change. Also, this view can be rearranged to state "things change, we don't", showing that people may be resistant to change. The main focus of the book Things Fall Apart is on the changes that not only take place in Okonkwo's life, but in the lives of his people. The Macquarie dictionary defines "change" as the process of being made different, altered in appearcne, turned into something or someone else. Ant student can find this out but still to grasp the actual truth about the value of change and the effects of it you need to get an in-depth look at our prescribed novel that will be able to project the feelings, emotions, outcomes and circumstances that surround why and how we change.

Using the novel as our source of information, we can use the above ideas to determine how and why the viewpoint we are discussing is incorrect.

In Things Fall Apart, unforeseen events caused the lives of Okonkwo and his family to change dramatically. At a burial, Okonkwo's gun exploded and a piece of iron pierced a sixteen year old boy's heart. From that moment, the only option open to Okonkwo was to flee from the clan. Okonkwo's life and the lives of his family changed overnight. The novel tells us that "his life had been ruled by a great passion - to become one of the lords of the clan. That had been his life spring. Then everything had been broken". Everything Okonkwo had...