"Things Fall Apart"

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"Things Fall Apart" Chinua Achebe's novel "Things Fall Apart" is a great tale of the life of an African tribesman named Okonkwo. Okonkwo is very unique man whom has deep rooted issues with his father, Unoka. Unoka was an idle and weak man in Okonkwo's eyes. These are the two things that Okonkwo hates the most. As a result of his hatred for idleness and weakness Okonkwo develops a strong physique and an extremely strong personality. Consequently he also develops an uncontrollable temper that often consumes him.

As a result of Okonkwo's hatred of weakness he develops an extremely strong personality that directs him throughout his life. Because of his strong will Okonkwo is a respected member of Ibo society. His strong will also forms him into a physically intimidating person. At an early age he makes a name for himself by bringing glory to his tribe by defeating the champion "The Cat" in a great wrestling match.

Okonkwo's strong willed personality often brings him into the forefront of Ibo society because he is not afraid to speak his mind. This quality often gains him respect among his peers. A strong willed personality is a very good quality in anyone because people with this quality almost never give up. One growing season was extremely difficult for the people of Umuofia. Conditions grew so harsh and depressing that one man became so desperate that he hung himself from a tree. Everyone in the village looked upon that year with great 2 sorrow and some became depressed by the mere thought of the tragic times. However, Okonkwo looks at those hard times and becomes inspired. He says, "Since I survived that year, I shall survive anything."(24) Okonkwo's strong will is a great characteristic and makes him a strong...