Things Fall Apart by Achebe This essay is about Okonkwo and how he is the victim in the book

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Okonkwo as a Victim

In Things Fall Apart Okonwo kills Ikemefuna. Ikemefuna is Okonkwo's adopted son. When it is said this way it makes Okonkwo seem evil and heartless. This is not completely true. When you look at how Okonkwo's life was, with his fear of becoming his father and the reputation he had in his village, it can be understood that the fact that Okonkwo is evil because of what he did is spurious. Okonkwo is really the victim in the book.

Okonkwo grew up with hate and disrespect for his father, Unoka, because he was a failure. Okonkwo feared becoming him so he tried to be the complete opposite of Unoka. This fear was perennial and lasted to the rest of his life. Unoka was weak so Okwonko had to be strong. Unoka was a coward so Okwonko had to be fearless. This is why he had to kill Ikemefuna. Okonkwo thought if he did not he would seem weak. Okonkwo was even told not to go because it will bad with the gods but he still went because he wanted to look strong. He was in a dilemma. If he killed Ikemefuna he would seem strong but have a guilty conscience. If didn't kill Ikemefuna he would appear weak but have a clear conscience. That is what he is afraid of since that's what his father was. Although he did not want to kill him he had no other choice. Okonkwo never quite relinquished his memories of Ikemefuna since he loved him like a son.

Okonkwo was the victim himself in the book. Okonkwo's own fear of becoming weak and like his father muddled his life ultimately. Because of his fear Okwonko killed a person he loved like a son. Okonkwo's son Nwyoe also drifted...