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In the famous novel Things Fall Apart, written by Chinua Achebe, the main character, Okonkwo, is described to be a strong and reliable character. He is also thought to be a wonderful father. The story starts out in a village called Umuofia, this is where his fathers tribe is from. Okonkwo is considered to be a great warrior and he defends his village whenever it is necessary. He was known throughout the nine villages and beyond as the man who threw the great wrestler known as the Cat. He was known as the Cat because he hadn't been beaten in seven years, and his back would never touch the ground. Okonkwo defeated this man and was famous throughout the land.

Okonkwo may have been physically strong, but that was all. When it came to feeling and emotions he was very weak. He had three wives, of which he favored the second, Ekwefi.

One incident, where his weakness came out was when Ekwefi had made Okonkwo very angry, instead of arguing with her or even smacking her once he decided that the best way to handle Ekwefi would be to put a gun to her head and threaten to take her life. This is a clear display of how weak and ignorant Okonkwo is.

Okonkwo was also thought to be a great father. He had had children to all three of his wives and was known to treat them fairly. This is an untruth, in the middle of the novel there was a time where action had to be taken and Okonkwo's son, of three years, Ikemefuna, had to be delt with. Ikemefuna was brought to the village to be sacrificed. Instead of doing it as soon as they returned to the village the tribe waited, and during this...