The Things They Carried By: Tim O'Brien

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Character Analysis for The Things They Carried By: Tim O'Brien In the beginning of the story the narrator is describing the things that his men carried during the Vietnam War. He personally carries letters of a friend named Martha. He is infatuated by her throughout the many battles he experienced he always had her in his mind. A night he would read those letters and look at the pictures he sent her and continues thinking of her. Even when moving from places to place he "humped" the love for her just as the pebble he rolled in his mouth that she sent him.

One of the chapters shows his fear of going to war. "On the Rainy River" takes place during the time Tim is at college. Tim did not believe he should go to war but then again he believed that the U.S. should go to war that would have a good reason were you would know what you are fighting for, not just going off to fight pointless battles.

Tim was not afraid to go to war, he was more afraid of what the people in his town would say if he had not gone to war. The only thing that he was afraid of was showing the feelings that he had of war and making his own decisions.

Tim is a person that always tells the truth. An example would be when he explains that a true war story could never be moral or an example of humane behavior. The war was so influential on him that he takes his daughter there as a way of remembrance of the past The war has made the character of Tim O'Brien a stronger person the war was something that influenced his life greatly. He shows how war is similar...