Think Again.

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The day gradually transforms into night, and as I walk down the gloomy, empty street Christine's words of concern repeat in my mind "Maurice don't be stupid and meet up with them men, they're the wrong sort of people to get involved with." I have known Christine ever since the age of eight and we still are best friends even with both of us at twenty-one years old. We both listened to each others advice through much of our days. Although on this occasion I chose not to listen to her. Ever since my mother's psychotic rage killed my father, nothing has been the same. I now live with Christine, while my mother, she lives with criminals in the state prison. That is what wrecked my life.

When I met this guy on the street, Darryl, I learnt he was one of the most respected men in the neighborhood.

He said I should come meet him so he could introduce his men to me, and that's when I thought Darryl could actually bring something into my deteriorating life. After walking a couple of blocks I turn into the alley where I was to meet Darryl. There was Darryl standing in the midst of very five large and intimidating men. I now understand why Christine had been concerned about Darryl and his men.

"Maurice, good to see you!" called out Darryl walking forward and putting out his hand to shake mine. I calmly respond "Yes indeed it is good to see you too." Darryl chuckled at my words, "Maurice, I'd like you to meet my men. Yeah this here is Shawn, Brian over there, Louis, Jeff and Rodney," and at that they all nod their heads at me. I glance at these men remaining calm even if I am feeling very intimidated at their size and the fact there are guns visible in each of the men's belts. After this, they walk off into the shadowy streets in which I find myself following them.

We were on the corner of the street about two blocks away from where we left off. But after turning the corner Darryl and his men came to a stop, as I stood behind wondering why. Then I realised a young woman about fifty metres away from us is walking alone on the footpath. She looks as if she were in search of someone. Then it was clear Darryl had found what he was looking for and at that instant he whispers in my ear "Here Maurice is that time we have some fun." Darryl then signals his men and they start to gain on the young woman. One of Darryl's men takes his jacket off and holds it open. They are all five metres behind her and still are unnoticed. In a matter of seconds the man with the jacket creeps up. He fiercely wraps the jacket around her head. The other men run up. They knock her to the ground. Immediately they start punching and kicking her. Even from underneath the jacket wrapped around her face, her weeps and cries scream into my ears. I stand there stunned, unable to move. While Darryl stands watching impressed and smirking.

Darryl then steps in, he grabs the woman by her hair "Shut up Lady!" he yells to her. I watch not knowing how to react. Christine was right and these men are not the type to get involved with. Darryl drags the young woman off the path and into a dim lit alley way. He then proceeds to rape her viciously, it is a horrific sight. The young woman tried to struggle but the other men struck her. Blood dripped from her hair. Her face still hidden by the jacket wrapped around it.

Finally they came to a stop. Darryl was finished with the, now wounded young lady. Darryl and his men turned to face me. Darryl put his hand on my shoulder panting "This lady has witnessed everything we have done to her, and I want you, Maurice, to do something for me. Kill her and you will be guaranteed yourself a better life with a spot in my crew," at that, one of Darryl's men steps forward takes out his glock from his belt and puts it in my hand. Clutching the gun I think about it, the lady is practically dead already and if I kill her I would live a better life as Darryl said.

I walk up to the young lady who is still squirming in pain and place the gun on her head which is still wrapped around with the jacket. My heart is frozen in nervousness. I put my finger on the trigger "Sorry," I say to the lady. At that intense moment, I pull the trigger.

I kneel down next to the motionless body of the lady and I undo the jacket from around her head. My whole body collapsed at the sight. In front of my eyes was the girl I knew from eight years old. The one truly best friend that stood by my side for thirteen years I had just killed. I had just killed Christine. My emotions start to cry and all I feel like is committing suicide. I look around and I see that Darryl and his men have run off, to leave me on my own.

I sit to think. It was my fate or maybe karma that has brought me to kill Christine. It is entirely my fault. If I had listened to Christine, listened to her like past years, I would have been fine but no, I had to go and choose to meet up with these men. How stupid I am. I finally realise why Christine was walking all alone in that street, it was because she was looking for me. She was trying to find me and persuade me away from Darryl and his men. Instead I brought her to death and misery to myself. I have only to expect in life that I will be caught by the police. Then, for the rest of my life I will live with criminals in the state prison. I have followed in the footsteps of my mother. Why, because I didn't stop and think again.