To think or to feel?

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March 14, 2014

L J Geronimo


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Ryan Marvin Mabeza

Most of us would say that the mind must always be the one followed rather than the heart simply because our minds are elevated higher than our hearts but this time let me borrow the lyrics of Charice Pempengco saying, "Let my heart speak louder than my head". At this point, let me put my heart over my mind and my emotions over my intellect powers.

I did not buy Samsung Galaxy S4 because I think it is the better phone. I bought it because I feel it is the better phone.

Take note of the difference between the two terms, dear reader. What someone thinks and what someone feels about a product or service could imply two different meanings. Remember that what matters most is connecting at the emotional level of your customer. People do not buy base on what they think it would benefit them but most likely, people buy on emotional basis and logical justification.

Emotional contact between the product or service and the customer is one of the major goals of marketing. Of course, promotional campaigns and advertisements could be a big factor to drive consumer's behavior but these becomes less influential and significant when it is not able to leverage emotional aspects of the products themselves. Remember that people buy food not because they think it is a good food but they buy food because they know they will feel on a cloud nine when they buy and eat it.

Samsung galaxy S4 is the best smartphone as of today, for me, but that is not the reason why I bought it. I really do not care if it is the best smartphone of the generation; conversely, I am after the...