Think outside the spiritual box - speech for the acceptance of religious satanism

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For millions of people around the world no one word sparks such a fearful, terrified response as Satan. No one word delves deep into their minds and embodies their fears to such an extent as Satan. To them Satan represents the nastiest of that which is nasty, the most perilous of perils, and the most evil of evils. Yet, quite unbelievably, there so happens to be a faith dedicated solely to this malevolence, solely to this defecation of the spiritual realm, solely to Satan; and quite rightfully so. Satanism is for the most part a misunderstood religion. People take neither the time nor effort to actually shed a certain light upon its topic before condemning it for all eternity, which is a pity, because in reality it's not that bad. I personally call for all of you, my fellow classmates and intellectuals of the future, to discard your preconceived notion that Satanism is unacceptable because not only is it a certified religion with concepts and beliefs that are rational and ethical, but most if not all negative connotations of Satanism are a direct result of mass misinformation.

Although it is perfectly understandable for you to be flabbergasted at the thought of a religion based on worship of the horned, soul purchasing, pitch-fork wielding entity of absolute evil otherwise known as the devil, it must be known that the subject of Satanism is not and will never be the Satan depicted in the likes of Judeo-Christian religions. The Satan of Satanism is in fact not a deity at all, but more of a life-principle, which is derived from pre-Christian pagan symbolism. In essence, Satan is a characterization of mans humanistic values, which are embraced openly and without remorse. In this aspect, Satanism takes more of a certain philosophical nature, within which...