I think time had stopped

Essay by jahudson November 2014

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Jamie A. Hudson

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I Think Time Stopped

Some times a student steps into a classroom and he or she thinks, "Oh no, this isn't the classroom for me". It happened to me, being a new student in college walking into a classroom with a lack of visual aid, a comfort factor or even an exciting teacher to make a not so fun class seem remotely interesting, makes learning slow and difficult. My first steps into the psychology classroom, foretold my great deal of time I would be spending in this incredibly dull and bland place. Most of the students already look half asleep and the teacher's mono-toned voice presented no problem conducting their snores into a lullaby. Every time I step into Room 126 in the Academic Center, all my energy drains out of me in the same way as water leaking from a broken faucet.

Caution sweeps over me while I try to take my seat in the tiered classroom, attentive to not be so close to the front but actually claiming a seat more to the back.

Regardless of the fear I may perhaps grow distracted by girl's never-ending rambling about what they are going to do that weekend or what to eat for lunch. Since my psychology class starts at the first morning light, there always sounds of yawns. Some times she is so in-depth in lecture to interrupt them, faint sounds of a snores ring out from all over the classroom. Feeling the smooth plastic tube in my hand as the tip of the ball rubs against the off-white, college- ruled notebook paper leaving a slick black engraving of what Mrs. Hodges says. Trying hard to not break my deep concentration since at any moment hers can break and she's off on another spiel...