How i think the world came to be

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It is my personal belief that the world came to be after the big bang. I don't believe in the creation theory, mostly because I do not believe in a god. As a Buddhist, I believe in evolution, what Buddhist have believed in for thousands of years and recently proven. I acquired this idea ever since I heard the theory proposed to me in 7th grade. Recently becoming Buddhist, I have discovered that Buddhist's also believe in the evolution theory. That is how I believe the world came to be.

Before humans showed up on the Earth, there had to be an Earth. I believe that the Earth was created a few billion years after the Big Bang. All sorts of particles started to circle around the newly created Sun. Soon, they started bumping into each other and sticking to each other. After millions of years these clumps formed 9 planet's around the Sun.

The Earth itself had a ton of volcanic activity, and happened to be big enough to keep all these gases that escape after volcanic eruptions to create an atmosphere. The Earth was positioned just right so that any water that came, would not freeze, and not vaporize. Sustaining water, bacteria started to grow in the Earth's water. Life had started on Earth; things would never be the same.

Evolution, a very logical and explainable concept that makes perfect sense to me. Stated by the dictionary- "a theory that the various types of animals and plants have their origin in other preexisting types and that the distinguishable differences are due to modifications in successive generations". This makes sense, to me at least. Starting off as bacteria, evolving bigger to protozoa, bigger and bigger until karma gave us mammals. This...