Thinking and Decision Making

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Thinking is a simple process people do on a daily basis without realizing the type or the impact. Many types of thinking are used but the impact has to do with the decision making process. Thinking styles and decision making have a unique relationship in the fact a type of thinking style is directly related to the decision making process . Decision making involves identifying a symptom as a problem. A symptom is a sign or indication of something that appears to be the problem. When a decision needs to be made many different thinking styles can be used to come to the most logical decision and a decision most beneficial to all parties involved. This paper will examine how persuasive, emotional, and logical thinking can affect the decision making process.

The first style is persuasive thinking. Persuasive thinking attempts or succeeds in influencing others to accept a certain message.

Persuasive thinking involves understanding a person's ideals, beliefs, and developing a way to convey the message in the most convincing manor. Using the wrong words or allowing emotion to become involved can easily ruin a persuasive argument. Understanding persuasive thinking and becoming a powerful persuader is important when using the thinking style. Manipulation and persuasion can be easily confused. A fine line is drawn between the two but can be difficult to differentiate. If the persuasive argument is intended to change the persons mind for our own selfish reasons to benefit the person making the argument, manipulation is used. When using persuasive thinking ethical questions come to mind. Is it right to try to convince others to share our same opinion? Is it alright to force our opinions and thoughts on someone else? The previous questions need to be taken into accountThinking and Decision Making 3when using persuasive thinking. An...