Thinking and Decision Making Paper

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Thinking and Decision Making Paper

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Critical Thinking

Critical thought is an all-encompassing process that is integrated and focuses on a single point, issue, or problem, from a systematic and analytical manner. This is a rational process that deals in facts as much as possible and should not be dissuaded by personal opinions or agendas. Critical thinking effects all organizations from the classrooms to boardrooms. An example of critical thinking in varying environments would be the concept of nurse and client interaction and experience. The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, nursing school defines one of the major concepts of learning is the critical thinking process. The college of nursing defines critical thinking as, "A cognitive process based on reflective thought and a tolerance for ambiguity which has the following attributes:

Disciplined and self directed.

Oriented toward inquiry, analysis and critique.

Multidimensional and multilogical problem solving rather than unidimensional, monological, or linear requisite knowledge and ability to generate options and make discriminating judgments", (uccs, 2004).

The following are a simple diagram of the critical thought process.

1. Issue or Observation that needs analysis.

2. Formulate critical questions.

3. Compile relevant research and sources. Weigh the value of the information.

4. Implement the action plan. Having controlling mechanisms in place to monitor the implementation as well as gauge success of failure.

5. Analyze the research findings and create actions plans for resolution. *Note: always create optional plans.

Creative thinking

What is creative thinking? Creative thinking is involved with the thought or creation of ideas. One who thinks creatively can be described as curious, imaginative, original, complex, risk taking, flexible, and elaborate. A creative thinker can be described as a "what if thinker". Some other thoughts of creative thinkers...