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Write an ending for "The Lady or the Tiger?" Describe how you think the characters would behave. Think about which about which solution to "The Lady or the Tiger?" would be most satisfying to your readers and how you personally would like the story to turn out. When you revise your ending, be sure the suspense builds until the moment of revelation.

With the slightest hesitation he went to the door on the right and opened it. Out came the fiercest and most cruel hungry tiger. The tiger quickly sprung on him and tore him into pieces. Every one was surprise except the princess. She expected it to happen. She was actually happy but she did not want her father to know that. She was trying to act surprised like every one else. She busted out into tears as the tiger ate her lover. She was screaming out and every one was looking at her.

She was screaming "No not my lover I can't stand to see this". She than ran out of the arena.

As she ran out the lovely lady that was behind the left door came out. She ran after the princess and said "It's your fault that the tiger ate him".

The princess replied "Excuse me I'm crying out here by myself and all you can do is run out here and say is it's my fault. I did not direct him to the right door. I believe that he was my lover why would I want a tiger to eat him. I was thinking that it would not be as bad if he got married to you because I would be able to see him but now I change my mind. If he can't be with me than he can't be on earth".

The princess argues so much that a scene it made outside the arena. The king hears it and calls the lady to the arena. Now that she is forced to choose a door she thinks hard….then she picks the right door .Out comes the hungry tiger. The tiger swings her around and up and down until she also dies. Their was the remains of her lover and not to far from it was the remains of the lady.