Thinking Critically

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The simulation sounded difficult at first but in the end after using critical thinking, the simulation turned out good. This simulation was helpful to me and will be helpful to other students who take this course.

Decision-Making Tools and Techniques

The technique used was "Importance weighing" listed in the tools and techniques list. I weight the overall sales of large ticket price items the most important. Secondly, I look at the inventory. I put a large sale on to reduce the large item inventory to increase the sales and lower the inventory so I could bring in smaller items. When I weighed out the issues I was looking at. I did not put any importance on the manager. From what I was hearing, she was doing her job. The sales where down and she was stressed. She would probably relax with increased sales. The importance of shutting down the store was critical but not urgent.

I would take a look at that when I have the sales up and the large ticket items out of inventory.

The WAN was low importance to me as well. The WAN was having issue but the store had a back up to report the inventory and sales. As a manager, this will get taken care of when there is time available. Also as a manager, there was not outside representative brought in to fix the system. Bringing employees down from corporate fixed the system.

Critical Thinking Components

I though critically in this simulation and did not use assumptions. I didn't not assume the sales would go up by giving my employee a performance bonus, which they did not get. I used critical thinking to put me in the position of a manager. What does corporate want to see? They want to see money coming...