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Anna Quindlen's Thinking Out Loud is a collection of excerpts from the New York Times columns. She worked for this newspaper from 1977 to 1994. The book is divided in distinct parts, where she expressed her opinions on various subjects that affects and regards contemporary America.

The first part of Quindlen's book, entitled Unsolicited Opinions could be compared to a ragbag. Indeed, she expresses her opinions on issues as various as the problems encountered in a society. She deals with social problems in America: her subject matter is essentially centred on discrimination, race, and especially the integrity of Blacks, her different columns include the issue of parity between men and women, homosexual rights as well as abortion. She raises the issue of euthanasia amongst other, as she gives examples of different personality having dealt or dealing with the choice of euthanasia. An entire column is dedicated to condoms, AIDS and how the society deals with personality such as Magic Johnson.

In her second section entitled Kids and Animals, the author gives her point of view on her children and how they influence and affect her writing. She starts by talking about Mother's day and underlines the importance of that special day for mothers. Quindlen, in Suicide Solution, faces a darker subject as suicide is debated, and often blames heavy metal music. in this case, the family is to blame and not rock music is blamed for two youngest who committed suicide. She talks about demography and the baby boomlet to carry on with the hit movie Home Alone concluding that there should be a Mom Alone movie to give mothers a break. She talks about the changes in the environment of children, and how their role models and toys are changing, just as the world they live in. She...