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The most important area of learning for me was the concept underlying the approach of thinking "win/win".

Stephan Covey states in his book "" "˜The 7 habits of highly effective people': "Win/win is not a technique, it is a total philosophy of human interaction" Having the paradigm win/win bestowed in your head enables one to seek mutual benefit in all human interactions. The term win/win defines that agreements or solutions are mutually beneficial and satisfying. This type of thinking permits all parties concerned to feel positive and more committed to the specified plan and hence achieve the aim or end in mind. Win/win is based on the concept that there is plenty for all, in other words 1 persons success is not based at the expense of others success. The philosophy is to think of it not as your or my way but as a better way, a higher way.

This is a habit of interpersonal leadership. It involves the collaboration of self-awareness, imagination, conceive and independent will. It portrays all round learning, influence and benefits. This line of thinking is fundamental to success. In order to think in this manner you have to contribute character and move towards relationships with fellow associates this leads to the flow of mutual agreements and the three mentioned dimensions are nurtured in an environment where structure and systems are based on win/win. This also involved process.