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It all began when someone left the window open. With a missing part of the wallpaper and papers spread all over the ground like a hurricane had passed through my room. I sat in the bed, thinking what I would tell the teacher about the missing papers. And I remembered that now I am popular and didn't need to do homework, others would do it for me. At that moment I started remembering the first days in Bow Mar.

We left Seattle, because my grandmother was really sick and my father wanted us to be closer to her, so we moved to Bow Mar. I was happy to be moving, because I was always bullied in my school. So I decided that I would start as a rich, popular student who had moved to the city, and lived on a mansion.

The city was smaller than I expected, surrounded by Douglas trees, with less than ten thousand people living in Bow Mar.

My grandmother was already treated when the last moving boxes arrived, my parents decided to stay here. There was only one school in Bow mar. My plan was working fine until the popular group started bullying other people. I thought that was wrong, but still I wanted to be popular. It was that week that I found the open window.

In the next day in school, the rich boys where staring at me. Would they have discovered my lie? I looked forward as I hadn't seen them. During recess, they walk up to me and said.

"Andy, you lied to us. You don't live in a mansion or have a Ferrari.""How did you all discovered my lie?" I asked.

"Johnny followed you after school with his bike, just to be sure if you are what you told us." they answered with a voice as they were scolding me for lying. I was scared what they would do to me, because they would beat up kids with no reason. However, they just turned and walked away.

During English class I was nervous about my homework that literary flew out through the window. The teacher began asking for the answers and I'm in the fourth row so I could feel the pressure getting greater and greater. When she finally got to me I just said that my homework flew out through my window. Obviously everyone started to laughing and the teacher ordered that everyone should stop talking. After a few moments everyone had calmed down, it was then she started her speech about not lying to the teacher and not doing your homework. Next, she ordered me to go to the principle, where I retold the story of finding my window open with papers scattered in the ground.

"Why didn't you do the homework in the notebook?" he asked.

"I…… I…..mmm" I didn't know what to answer. I could say it also had flown out, but the wind couldn't be that strong. I felt mad at myself for haven't thought on that back then. The principle said that this time nothing would happen, because it was my first time.

"But if this happen again…" he warned.

After school, I was going home with my bicycle, scared of what the trendy students would do to me. It was then I saw a piece of another missing paper that I had done. Flying with the wind as if it didn't weight more than a feather. In that moment I thought that maybe I could find the papers and its thief. So I paddled faster to my house, so I could prepare myself for the journey to find the missing reports. Spring break was only a few days away and my parents were going to Seattle for a marriage. Making it perfect for my search, the only problem was what I was going to do about my younger and annoying sister.

While I was preparing my bag for the journey, my sister entered my room and asked.

"What are you doing?""Packing my bag." I answered.

"For what?" she insisted.

"For my trip through the forest." I responded.

"Why are you going?" when she said that, I was starting to get annoyed with her stupid questions.

"Ok. You can go with me. Go do your bag." She left the room screaming of joy. It was that moment that I saw a white dove, sitting in my window with one of my homework on its beak. I slowly lowered until I was lying in the ground and I started crawling until I was close enough to grab the bird.

I jumped up, grabbed the animal with my two hands and shacked him so he would get disoriented. I got the paper out of its mouth and it was then that I saw a message on its feet. It said:If you want the rest of the papers, you shall travel through the Mortamus forest, and after head east to the Minerine river.

I ran down the stairs, and went prepare some snacks for the trip. After a brief bathroom pause, my sister and I were leaving our house to find the mysterious thief.

After a few hours of traveling through the woods, my sister said:"Are we far?""I don't know." I answered.

"I want to go to the bathroom!" she cried.

"Why didn't you go while we were at the house?""Because I didn't need to go to the bathroom back then, but I need to go now!""Just hold it until we find a camping spot or until the river." And we continued marching through the forest.

Sometime later I noticed a bad smell in the air, like a putrid fruit. Then I started to think it was a dead animal. It was then that I noticed that my sister had peed herself. I just looked at her without talking until she said:"What?"I tried to stay calm, handed her some clean clothes and throw the dirty clothes up on a tree.

When she finished changing, we walk a little to get to the Minerine river. There, we built our tent so in the next morning we could cross the canal.

The next morning, I was woke by my dogs barking, so I ran out side the tent to see what was going on out side, but what I found was my dog barking at a butterfly. Soon, my sister woke up so we could continue our trip. So we gathered our stuff and crossed the river on its shallow part.

We didn't need to walk a lot until we found a trail. We followed the trail till we found some Indian houses. People looked scared with our presence. A tall, hairy man approached us and said:"The chief wants to see you""Ok" I answered.

He took us to an enormous tent and called an old man that probably was the chief.

"Come closer" the old man asked. I was scared, but I did what he told me to. "Andy" he said. "You've done a bad thing lying to your friends, you shall learn that truth is an important part of life.""How do you know my name?" I asked.

"The spirits have told me that you would come." He said pointing to the fire.

"Where are my papers?" I asked.

"There" the old man pointed to an simple wooden table that had some ripped paper on top.

"Why did you rob them?" I asked.

"I didn't steal them" he put his hand on his back and made a white dove appear. "He did" bringing the bird to me.

"Why are you giving it to me?" I asked him, and when I looked back to my hands I saw the missing wall paper. "Ok, I won't lie anymore. How about my ripped homework? " The old man walked to the wooden table, got the ripped paper and threw it up to the air and my completed homework fell to the ground as it never had been ripped.

With that and my sister and I returned home.