The Third Floor Window : A story told by an apparation of a bird on wallpaper.

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I had been planning our escape for many months. Everything had to be right for my plan to succeed. Our life on the wallpaper was a bad one. We had no freedom and could do nothing for fear that the humans might discover us. We thought this the way of life until one day we saw a white bird fly by our third floor window. It looked so happy and free while we were stuck to wallpaper. From then on, I was elected to formulate a plan of escaping.

It was mid-March, and the window was left open frequently. I knew this was an advantage on our part. I decided that we had to make our get away before summer started or else the window would be open less. The beginning of May seemed like a good time to leave.

I had to make sure that all of us would make it out the window before any humans noticed.

If one of us did not make it out the window, I would be to blame. I needed to make certain that everyone would make it out in an orderly fashion, as to not alert any humans. If the rustle of wings happened to attract a passer-by's ears, our plan would be abandoned and we would be discovered.

The day came when our opportunity was most ripe. I all started when the window was opened. The human who had opened it sat down by the table for a reason unknown to me. It turned the pages to a book tirelessly and gazed out the window. The human stayed in the room for what seemed like eternity, which was all the better. We needed to learn self-control before entering the vast new world. The human finally stood up...