"thirteen" a movie review

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I think the intent for this script was to show how hard the teen years have gotten. Even beginning at thirteen drugs, sex, peer pressure, depression, and many other things are already getting to our children. The girls in thirteen have very chaotic home lives. They are both on the lower side of the income line. They don't have very much. The fathers are nowhere to be seen. One girl has a very good mother but she has so much going on in her own life she cant watch her daughter every second. The other girl's parents are both gone, she lives with her cousin who does not want her and is not a very good role model. The mother tries too late to reach her daughter. She wants to help her but by the time she starts to talk to her and listen every thing has gotten way out of control.

Her family does not stop her or try to help until it's too late. "Society" plays a big role in how she changes throughout the movie. She wants to be popular and hang out with all the popular people. She wants to fit in. In this movie she would have been better if she would have never started hanging out with her friend and ditching her other friends. Her new "friends" have a very negative impact on her where as her other older friends were very good for her. I think that in this movie someone should have noticed how bad it was getting before it got to that point. The school should have called her mom or said something. When I used to cut and self mutilate there was only so much I could do to hide it. It seems impossible to me that no...