Thirteen Reasons Why Final Report Group Research project

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Melany Nuñez

6B Honors English1

Dr. Minerva

October 2014

I. What I learned about working on a group research project, positive and negative

Working with a group has is perks. In this group research project we each had a task to work on. Kaitlyn Fox chose the role of the Facilitator. She really did an amazing job being on top of everything and being a helpful person to go to if any of us had confusion. Overall she did everything that's expected of her role. Kaitlyn Larose also was a great person to work with, her task was Bibliographer. She cited all the websites as she was supposed to, besides that, she asked questions to make sure she understood everything. Kait was very cooperative and kind. Cole McCloud was the handout. He did not communicate with me to tell me when he would give me the outline, but he did an incredible job.

Everything in the outline was organized enough for me to present easily. Hunter Hurt was our researcher, we honestly did not know where he was at with his task. There was no communication with him. When I saw his completed task, I was a bit disappointed, he gave brief facts over the topic and they were not good quality facts. My assigned role was presenter. This task was pretty easy, I received the outline of information over our research and I talked about the key facts. With this task I basically just winged it while trying my best to summarize the most important factors to the information, but not bore the audience with things they already know. . The assessment of my performance came out better than I thought it would. Although I was the presenter I could observe my performance myself. Based on what I noticed...