Thirty Golden tips to make a successful teacher personality

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Thirty Golden tips to make a successful teacher personality

1. Be punctual (regular as clock work).

3. Be all rounder (have the hole bag of tricks).

4. Be skillful (using modem technological media).

5. Be knowledgeable (in some fields like cultures, medicine and religion)

6. Be competent( use language confidently).

7. Be tolerant( if students misbehave sometimes).

8. Be patient (not easily teased by students).

9. Use sense of humor (tell jokes, funny stories, funny situations related to the lesson).

10. Use clear voice and instructions (explain the instructions more than one time, give examples

and ask for feedback).

11. Appreciate your students' work( use compliment words like "thanks", "good", "well-done",

"excellent student" and sometimes mention their names.

12. Demand effort and push them forward (by saying "good students", but I want you more active

next time).

13. Use language games, funny situations, stories and attractive well-made visual cards for kids and

day- life examples for adults.

14. Consider individual difference.

15. Keep strong relationships between you and your students.

16. Motivate, encourage, reinforce your students.

17. Chat sometimes with them for a few minutes.

18. Don't humiliate, insult or make any student a laughing stock of the class.

19. Control your emotions and don't be moody.

20. Don't overwhelm your students by homework and assignments.

21. Don't over-punish your students!

22. Don't teach before you insure that every student is paying attention.

23. Set time limits for every task.

24. Circulate, get up and move around the class and check students' progress.

25. Use non-verbal cues (Facial expressions, body gestures, hand signals) ex: Explaining verb tense.

26. Change class environment occasionally.

27. Use name dropping if you feel that a student is off-attention.

28. Make every minute counts.

29. Use...