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ST. Thomas Aquinas Born: 1225 Died: March 7,1274 Patron of: Catholic schools, students, Canonized: 1323 collages, philosophers, and theologians. St. Thomas Aquinas came from a very wealthy family. When he was five years old his parents sent him to the Benedictines to be taught. His family hoped that one day he would join their community. However his family was disappointed when the Dominicans' style of study and prayer caught Thomas' attention. Thomas' family was outraged. They held him captive and tried to make him change his mind but they could not. After more than a year they released him and he rejoined the Dominicans.

St. Thomas was a great theologian and philosopher. Thomas Aquinas is well known for his writings about philosophy and theology. Some of his writings include "Quaestiones Disputatae" (Disputed Questions), "Quodlibeta" (Various Subjects or Free Discussions), "De unitate intellectus contra Averroistas", "Summa de Veritate Catholicae Fidei Contra Gentiles" (Treatise on the Truth of the Catholic Faith, against Unbelivers), and "Summa Theologica".

St. Thomas Aquinas was a powerful influence on the world. He was widely respected for his ideas. He said that reason should help men to receive the Faith because it proves truths that faith just assumes. It should also explain these truths and suggest them in scientific form. He believed that reason should defend the truths that God revealed to us. Leo XIII, a great scholar, said that those who found religious orders require their followers to study the teachings of St. Thomas. He also asked the bishops to bring back the wisdom of Thomas and that doing this would be for the good of society and benefit all the sciences. In the sixteenth century, Martin Luther and those who opposed the Church felt that to destroy the belief in his teachings would destroy the...