Thomas Becket -This is a basic overview of the life of Thomas Becket. It also tells about the power struggle between Becket and King Henry II

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The story of King Henry II and Thomas Becket tell us a tale of their friendship, which at times, becomes violent. King Henry and Thomas Becket were great friends, however, when Thomas Becket is appointed as the Archbishop of Canterbury, their lives are changed forever when their political differences are realized. Because Becket gave up his state title to be fully committed to the church, the King wanted revenge on Becket. The King felt that Becket was a traitor because the King had done so much for Becket. Becket gave up his allegiance to the state, so the King sought to kill Becket. Before Becket was fully committed to the church, he felt like he had no honor. To gain honor, Becket decided to serve God instead.

The Church ruled the country with great power. The King did not approve of this, since he thought the Church should only obey his laws.

When the Archbishop of Canterbury Church died, the King expected Becket to become Archbishop. King Henry also assumed that Becket would become loyal to his because of their friendship. He wasn't. The King wanted Becket to take over the Church by making the Church lose power. But Becket did not want to be Archbishop. He warned the King that if he were to become Archbishop, the friendship between them would soon disappear. The King kept insisting. It changed Becket's life when he finally agreed to become Archbishop. Thomas Becket underwent a change in character when he became Archbishop. He opposed Henry.

King Henry's obsession for power results in tragedy. After many violent disputes, the King had four knights to go chase down Becket and slay him. Four knights rode from Westminster to Canterbury, and when Becket refused to apologize, they killed him. Becket died nobly as he prayed...