Thomas A. Becket/ King Henry II

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Compare and Contrast "“ Thomas A. Becket/ King Henry II Thomas A. Becket and King Henry II were great friends in medieval times. They shared many common interests and things. They also had several differences, which they both began to see as time went on. They were both high in authority and that began to separate them.

Becket and Henry were very similar in some areas. They both enjoyed wenching for woman during the night. If they weren't doing that, they stayed up for long nights drinking, if not doing both. They enjoyed each others company since they were each hot tempered and direct in their needs. They also swore their loyalty to their country. They had several common features.

When Becket was moved to Archbishop their differences really started to show. Becket was in the more powerful group and saved the money of the churches or gave it to people who needed it.

Henry was a typical King who spent his money and just had fun. Becket was seeing the way of the church and felt he was doing what was right in god's eyes. Henry's allegiance was to the state. These changes forced the two apart from friendship, and later Henry's men killed becket.

Becket and Henry were great friends even when they first met. They shared many common perspectives and had a great friendship. But as time passed they both began to see their differences. These differences began to separate them, and turned out to a hurtful ending for both.