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Who was Thomas Jefferson? History, Biography and Race Assignment #2 History151-Section 2 Professor Angelo Angelis Itzel Michan April 22, 2002 Dear Sir- It is a proven fact throughout American history that we have flocked, tortured and abused slaves. Should we free all slaves? I am writing to you on the importance of emancipating slaves. Freeing the ten thousand slaves in Virginia, even though I have not been able to free my own slaves because of my debts, is a start for equality of all men. I still do not know the feeling of what it is to free slaves. I admire your good heart for freeing your own slaves. This is a good example why all men are created equal and why government should protect these natural laws life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Though you and I have not come eye to eye about our democracy ideals, I understand why you stand for freedom.

But we cannot let these blacks start colonizing our land. They have already established a government and a way of life in St. Domingo.

That is why I noticed from my plantation fields that blacks are equal. And not only are equal but gifted in so many ways, especially in music. They have accurate ears for tone and time. I recognize that your reputation is not likeable in the South on the issue of slavery, but you have to comprehend that slavery is a business in the North. We do not think of slaves as animals, machines or things. In the South it?s a different story; it?s a business and a lifestyle to hate a slave.

Every year our white people become more greedy, exciting, oppressive and over-beating. We have to stop this oppression because it goes against our Declaration of Independence. We as a whole should start emancipating slaves. But it is hard for the republic to pass laws through the House of Representatives. This is why you have to understand that it is not easy to satisfy your needs. Through the years, slaves have been hard workers but have not been given another chance to excel in reading and writing. I feel as though they are human beings just like you and I and should be given an opportunity to live their lives without any demands.

As you have read in my letter John Randolph, the potential for emancipating slaves has started in the North. The problem is that I will not divide the republic into two separate nations. We just fought an American Revolution for our freedom. A lot of farmland owners come from the south and for them they need slaves to work for their farms. This is a business and it is also cheap labor. I hope you understand and take into great consideration that you are right, that we should free slaves, but there are some of us that are in debt. But I hope these slaves will be put under an easier road to happiness.

Yours truly, Thomas Jefferson Annotated Bibliography Within the ?Bowels? of the Republic (1979), Ronald T.Takaki Offers insight on Jefferson?s views of blacks through his influence of the American society.

Thomas Jefferson on Indians and Blacks (1784) Shows a full description of how Jefferson views blacks compared to Indians and how they are capable of fitting into society through all the hard work they do.

Thomas Jefferson on Black Colonization (1801) Offers Jefferson?s opinions and ideas about black colonization during his presidency and how it lead the white people to rebuild themselves from the fear that was growing ever since the blacks started colonizing the land.