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Thomas Jefferson, a man of great talents. He delightfully enjoyed being an inventor, author, and his greatest triumph as the third President of the United States. As you go through Wendie C. Old's book you will find interesting facts along with personality traits about Thomas's life and how he lived it. Thomas was a man who grew up in the Virginian mountains, but as a child he greatly surpassed his classmates in school. He found that his studies paid off in many ways, and became a president of the United States. The most famous thing Thomas did as a shy, but powerful president was doubling the size of the United States of America, by the Louisiana Purchase. All these great accomplishments occurred in the life of a boy, who was born in the mountains.

Thomas Jefferson was the third of nine children born to peter Jefferson and Jane Randolph.

He grew up on the Tuckahoe farm in Shadwell, Goochland County, Virginia. As he grew up he had many privileges that others didn't have, but he still respected people's lives, dignity, and a moral sense of right and wrong. Thomas went to boarding school at age ten. Were he learned Latin, Greek, and French. His father was a wealthy plantation owner, while his mother Jane, was from one of the most well known families in Virginia. At age fourteen Thomas's father died at age fifty. At seventeen, he went to the Collage of William and Mary in Williamsburg. There he Became well educated from science, math, and rhetoric (the use of language). After he graduated, he bought land and started building a house. He called his house Monticello, which means little mountain. It took him forty years to complete his house, which has about thirty-three rooms. He also enjoyed architecture,