Thomas more and utopia

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In the work Utopia,which is a product of imagination,More tells us about the flawless system of governing which he establishes.In his writings More reflects the aspirations of a Renaissance man.This both caused him to be considered as the Socrates of Europe and to be executed in the face of his disobedience against the king.Ideas of Humanism and Reformation had found refuge in More's mind.While carrying such qualities in theory,he was in fact a staunch radical in real life.Although he had to at loggerheads with the Church for his sympathy towards Reformation, he was against Reformation in religion and this prepared the way for his execution.But the excellent masterpiece Utopia clearly laid out these ideas of Renaissance and Reformation.That is why More was a humanist and a Renaissance man and also a Reformist though he opposed against the application of Reformist ideas to the Church.

For this reason,we have to dwell upon these movements to see how More sometimes contradicts the period. In fact,there is no way we can differ Renaiisance and Reformation.These movements which arose with the interest in classical works in Italy contradict with the manners of the medieval Catholic Church;Medieval Christianity considered people to be natural sinners,chivalric codes and heroic deeds were in the foreground,there was no hope for salvation because only after death could man attain happiness for which reason body as the source of sins had to be severely punished.Catholic church was immersed in religious bigotry;renaisance and reformation fought to reverse this trend;people were naturally good,war was untowardly,perfection could be reached in an honest social structure,people could reach happiness in this world and there was no actual need to punish the body,there had to be religiouıs liberty.More had these ideas as a Renaissance man;he cared...