Thomas More' s Utopia, In what ways does Utopia function as a critique of More's time?

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Utopia is a work about a city which works very well and organaized. The Ideal city is shown under a story. In the story, A man goes to Utopia and he tells this ideal city to others after his journey. In The story, it si clear that he trys to show the bad parts of his times and he shows some solutions by Utopia. It talks nearly about everything. Ideal Political system, ideal Economical system and idealsocial problems may be good examples that Thomas More talks about.In general we can say that Thomas More critisizes Henry VII and his behaviours on the city. So The Utopia functions on the opposite way of More's time.

Thomas More talks about Religion in Utopia. Especially Utopus' opinions about the religion is very important here because Henry VII's opinions are very wrong for Thomas More. He shows us his own opinions by this.

Utopus says that maybe The God wants people to show their faithfullness to him from different ways by giving them different sensations. People can have different religions in Utopia and they can live together.

In one part, Thomas More talks about working system in the city. In Utopia, there is collective labour. People work together. Forexample all the farmers go to a farm and finish up the work, then they all go the the next farm and do the same work there. Economy works with collective labour. People does not have special furniture. There is no rich or poor people in Utopia. Because they share all the goods. Everybody is rich If someone needs bread, he gos and gets it from the warehouse. This is a classical Cominism system. And also sharing is also so important. If they produce moore goods then they can produce, they share them with...