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The site of Thomas US Congress plays a pivotal role in the careers of students and professionals for quite a long period of time. As this site is an inimitable source of information about the history and current situations of law and politics therefore this site guides a student in building one's basic concepts of the subject.

This site provides information of Congressional Records and legislation since 1989 (101st Congress) to the present.

Furthermore it also gives the summaries of legislation since 1973 (93rd Congress).

It provides U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates 1774-1875 that is a century's worth of congressional proceedings, statutes, and other related information.

It also assists in locating different Federal Depository Libraries through state name or area code where one can find Legislative texts and documents prior to 1989 in print form.

This site has links to the information for communication with the members of US Congress.

One can locate information regarding communication with a member of Senate or House of Representatives very conveniently only by providing name of the member or locating him/her through states.

This site is also a biographical directory of the members of the Congress since 1974 to present.

Above are the main functions of Thomas which play a highly significant role in helping students to learn about the subject and professionals to seek upgraded information regarding the subject. This site is also playing a vital role in enhancing the knowledge of kids of every age regarding the House and its role in law making.