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Thousands of years ago, the Greeks and the Romans gained a powerful estate by establishing a strong and stable government. Likewise, behind every country's economic stability today, lies its government's polices. In the "Resistance to Government," Henry David Thoreau portrays government's involvement in people's lives as he says limits the rights of individuals. His opinionated statement that says, "That government is best which governs not at all," strongly refers to his disbelief in the government's engagement in people's lives. Thoreau's ideas do not prove to be realistic in the present society and lack the potential in people to act upon them. Today, government's reliability and systematic polices allow a steadiness in the life of the people.

The reliability of the government in the United States exists in a strongly manner. Everything, from road construction to public school system obtain their foundation with the organization the government provides. Programs like health insurance, medical insurance and welfare that come from the government benefit the citizens in numerous ways.

They provide financial help when people need it the most while suffering through severe times like a medical disorder. Through the military defense system, the government also assists the people with protection from domestic as well as foreign forces. It also maintains peace with other countries; therefore, avoiding wars and any other destructions. Thoreau fails to recognize the reliability of the government and says, "I have paid no poll tax for six years (Resistance to Civil Government, 222)." While taxes appear as a loss in a person's income, it serves as a source to meet the people's needs. Taxes enable the government to establish its programs and look after the people's necessities. Even though everyone does not agrees with what the tax money supports, it evidently benefits him or her indirectly in...