Thoroughbred Racing

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Thoroughbred Racing is a multimillion dollar operation influenced by spectators, trainers, great horses. Thoroughbred Racing is a nationally known sport that brings in large audiences of all ages. It also brings in a lot of money from gambling. Most people go to the track just to watch the fast beautiful horses. Thoroughbreds are one of two fastest breeds of horses. They can reach speeds from Thirty-five to Forty miles per hour. The other fast breed are Quarter horses. They have been clocked up to fifty miles per hour when crossing the finish line. Most racing Quarter horses have half or more Thoroughbred blood in them. The difference is that Quarter horses only run very short races, usually around a quarter of a mile. Thoroughbreds runs much longer races ranging from five and one half furlongs to a mile and half. They are known for their speed and endurance.

"The accessory of all Thoroughbreds today can be traced through the male line of one or more of three stallions imported to England more than two centuries ago"("Thoroughbred Racing").

The Darley Arabian(1700-1733), the Godolphin Arabian(1724-1753), the Byerly Turk(1680-1696). The Darley Arabian was shipped to England by his owner Thomas Darley from Syria. " Ninety percent of all Thoroughbreds are descended through his son Flying Childers and his great-great grandson Eclipse"(Thoroughbred Racing). The Godolphin Arabian was given to the king of France by the Bey of Tunis. Edward Coke then purchased him, and he sired the champion mare Aelima. She was imported to Maryland in 1750. The Byerly Turk was captured form the Turks in Hungary. Colonel Robert Byerly brought him to England.

The Thoroughbred is the fastest and most valuable of the world's horses and supports a huge multinational breeding and racing industry. The breed evolved in England in the...