Those Who Wait

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____Very few people know what it is like to keep a secret, or to have one on the tip of the tongue for a while. I do, but I have given in and must tell mine. The best kind of secrets, like murder clues, juicy sex stories or simple, local crushes, are usually confided in the most delicate manner. I can only analyze and write what I know. I know the view is limited, but I leave it to you to interpret. God, I hope everyone gets me right. I don't even know how I'm going to open this story up. I'm mainly doing this for myself, to figure out what actually went on. Maybe I'll go on to read works about my special secret, by Freud and other psychologists. I just wish I knew more. It's a bitch, being sixteen years old, stumbling into the adult world--especially when those same adults are cheats, liars, back-stabbers and incompetents.

My main problem now, my special secret is about one of these adults. He's insane. I can't really be sure, because he's a simpleton and a hick, making him unpredictable to the common city slicker, but the things he did are only explainable by insanity. Perhaps you'll figure it out better than I have when you've heard me out. Also, to the man himself: I'm sorry. Yeah, I have a big mouth, and I like to write. See, he specifically told me not to make a story out of our affair like I do with other events in my life. Usually, writers tend to put themselves in the story; I guess ____I'm no different.

25.11.00 ____It all started at school. God bless school. This is typical for any friendship, relationship, battle or war that is formed among kids. We practically live our...