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Jacob Malka

September 24, 2014

Kelly Opdycke

COMS 360

Response Paper 1

There are many things that we go through as children that help us develop our gender. Things such as memories of things we were told boys do and things we were told that girls are supposed to do. I know there are some memories that I have which helped me shape my gender role in society.

While thinking about my earliest gender development memories there was definitely one that stood out to me more than the rest. I remember I was probably about for or five years old. I was with my mom and dad at a store like target. When we walked by the toy isle there was a stuffed animal that squeaked when you squeezed it and I picked it up. I was playing with the stuffed animal when my dad came and asked me if I didn't want to choose a more interesting toy.

He told me to put the stuffed animal on the shelf and that we would go to the Lego isle to pick out a toy that was made for boys.

When we got to the Lego isle my dad helped me choose a remote control Lego racecar that we would build at home. The car was probably half of my size so it was pretty big. We got home and my dad explained to me that boys are supposed to play with Legos and tools and cars, not stuffed animals. This stuck with me forever and really helped my gender development. I am for the most part a typical man. I'm very good with my hands and when it comes to it I can pretty much do anything from patching a hole in the wall to building a deck. This...