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The best short stories have "thought provoking ideas expressed in interesting ideas" Do you agree? One thought provoking idea, is expressed clearly in the story The weapon by Fredric Brown. The story suggests many themes, but the main one being the lack of respect humans have with power and their ignorance towards technology. A scientist, Dr James Graham is creating the ultimate weapon. During his study time one night, a guest Mr. Niemand arrives at his doorstep, raising many questions about the weapon that James cannot answer. The ultimate question that James blindly ignores is "is humanity ready for the ultimate weapon?" Meanwhile James son Harry, a mentally disabled boy insists Mr. Niemand reads him "Chicken Little". Dr James later enters Harry's room, discovering that Mr. Niemand left Harry a loaded revolver. Dr James leaves us with his thought " only a madman would give a loaded revolver to an idiot."

The last line suggests many ideas, that arouse the readers' thoughts. The last line is the key to the authors meaning- that mankind could destroy itself. There is an obvious and very direct comparison created in the story. Certain symbols stand for things, the gun representing the weapons society creates. The gun is an ideal symbol , for it is a weapon that if not used properly can result in unfortunate consequences, including death. Humanity cannot respect or are incapable of respecting power. The "idiot" (Harry) symbolizes modern society's ignorance. This enforces the theme that mankind could destroy itself. By using metaphors and symbolism, this theme is expressed quite interestingly.

Chicken Little the story that is read to harry by Mr. niemand also presents many ideas to the reader. Chicken Little a story about a bird called Chicken Little, who believes the sky, is falling, when an acorn drops...