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Open Campus I think open campus is a really good idea. Some students have things they need to do during school breaks like: school work, eat lunch (other then school's), forgot something at home, just need to get away for a while. Open campus would make students more responsible and would lead to maturity.

Block-Style Scheduling When I was in Virginia for my sophomore year, the high school had block scheduling. It was great, you got plenty of time to learn about something with out rush and you never would have homework. Learning was easier because you spent more time paying attention and getting your work done.

Sexually Explicit Music Videos and Lyrics Music videos are made to get you interested into a song. Some are very explicit, but those explicit videos get your attention and makes you want to watch the video and hear the song. Some people say that music videos should be edited.

Why I ask? If you are a person who doesn't like it, I say then don't watch it or listen to it. Other people like the hard videos and lyrics. Personally a like most music videos and love rap music.

Harassment Now a day's harassment is a common word. It relates to words, sexual, hurtful, and offensive. There is a lot of harassment going on today. There are also a lot of laws being put into place so, I think harassment is bad. Yes, it is bad, but I am sure everybody has used harassment in some way or another. It is apart of are society.

Discrimination Because of Skin Color I do not discriminated on anybody just because of his or her skin color. Somebody who does discriminate on people for there skin color needs to have their eyes opened. I can't stand...