Thoughts and feelings of Mr dacy and Elizabeth after receiving the letter of proposal.

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Dear Diary

All my life I have been waiting for my prince, my soul-mate. Of all people I didn't expect Mr. Darcy. The only way I can see things in a clearer light and begin to put this whole commotion in order is to write here, in my diary.

I have never allowed myself to look at Mr. Darcy in any other way than a gentleman. At our first encounter Mr. Darcy called me, 'tolerable but not handsome enough to tempt him.' To that day I have on no circumstance wanted to be particularly friendly with him, least of all his bride. I found him aloof, unsympathetic and much too proud when we first met. He's gradually beginning to change, I do admit, but not enough to make a future out of.

I may have been overlooking the deeper virtues of Mr. Darcy but I was completely unprepared for him to state his love to me.

The view I had of him was very prejudiced but this was the way in which he exposed himself to me. Mr. Darcy has much vanity; he just expects and wants everyone to fall in love with him at first sight. He is the cause for his own pride and caprice. How could he believe I would accept his proposal when he has caused Jane so much suffering, the man is simply astonishing.

Tonight, before the episode, I was meant to be joining my family at the Rosing's, but my agitation had brought on a headache. I stayed behind and began to read Jane's letters. I was very unhappy about Mr. Darcy and tried to exasperate as much as possible against him. How dare he try and come between my sister and Mr. Bingley!

I was suddenly interrupted by the doorbell. My...