Thoughts on Sexism.

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It goes without saying that sexist comments will negatively affect the moral and the self image of any person on the receiving end of such an assault, but how has the male gender been exclusively labeled as the offenders? Undoubtedly, there are instances of abuse, be it either verbal or physical, but this selective group of abusers are not at all limited to the male gender. These sexist comments have been stereotypically attributed to men while women have been portrayed as the innocent helpless victims. I believe it is sexist to place the blame on the male gender, instead, the blame should be directed where it belongs, at the sexists themselves.

Sexism is a way of thinking in which one attempts to judge and disparage others based on their gender. These sexist actions demoralize and discourage the opposite gender, but are only successful if the person allows the sexist to get to them and if the person accepts these unreasonable actions as true.

Nowadays however, people are beginning to understand that that and in turn, sexism is on a rapid decline. I must acknowledge that sexism was prevalent in preceding generations, but I firmly believe that we as a society have recognized and risen past such irrational ways of thinking.