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Karla Silva

March 24, 2014

AP Literature & Composition

Khaled Hosseini's Critique on Middle Eastern Culture

Authors often choose to write books that can provide the reader with a learning experience. Gathering knowledge through books can appear as a very simple task depending on what an individual is seeking to understand. If one wants to entertain a dinner guest with a new meal, they can turn to a cooking book and collect the necessary information. However, works of literature commonly hold a larger meaning that might not be so easy to grasp. Novels seem to have the ability to represent a bigger picture or expose the truth about a certain topic. Khaled Hosseini chose to write his novel, A Thousand Splendid Suns as a critique to the superiority of men over women in Middle Eastern culture as opposed to writing just a story.

Khaled Hosseini uses the parts of human personality, such as the id, to express his feelings towards men being looked at as superior to women in Middle Eastern culture.

The id is part of the personality that seeks desired pleasures and once these pleasures are not satisfied, the result becomes a state of anxiety and anger. Hosseini chooses Rasheed's personality, to portray his critique on Middle Eastern culture. Rasheed has been through a lot in his life, which can be considered a factor that builds up his anger in the novel. Mariam is a young harami, or a bastard child who has also had a major loss; the death of her mother. Mariam is left to live with her wealthy father who quickly disowns her and sends her away to marry Rasheed. Being that this marriage is new to Mariam, she has little experience living with a man. Rasheed, like any other man, seeks sexual pleasures...