What threatens world peace in the 21st century?

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It is the year 2050. A young boy of eight looks out of the window. He sees miles of wreckage lying before him-where there had once been buildings, there now stood huge masses of ruins- monuments of death, disaster and destruction. He looks at himself in a shattered mirror and the sight that meets his eyes cannot be described as anything less than ghastly or horrifying, for a deformed, mutilated body is all he sees. He had been like this since birth. Even his parents resembled this-their condition, however, was much worse. He wondered what had happened, which was so immensely full of the purpose to destroy the Almighty's creation, so full of hatred.

Let us take a flashback journey to the year 1993. One of the biggest impacts of terrorism had hit India- the Mumbai train blasts. Around 300 'innocent' people perished and further 80 were injured.

But were they really that innocent? Almost every being has been a victim of hatred, jealousy or vengeance at least once in life. These blasts were merely a trailer. Over the course of the next two decades, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi and recently Mumbai (in India), USA and UK have been rocked by bomb blasts. Who is the culprit? If one is asked this question, the most probable answer would be- the terrorists. But, that may not be entirely true. Terrorists are merely representatives of the people. Their aim is to voice the anger erupting in their hearts, the hatred in their souls, or even to proclaim their God is superior- namely the 'jihadis'. For as we all know, man has never and will never be a follower of LIBERTY, EQUALITY or FRATERNITY.

A direct leap to the year 2001 highlights a particular incident...