Threats to Modern Society's Saftey

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There are many causes that threaten the security and safety of today's society. Some of the causes are unintentional, some are not. Some are caused by Mother Nature, while others may be carefully planned. While some can never be totally prevented, the amount of losses can be reduced by having a sound security program that analyzes each individual risk.

Accidents are an unfortunate event caused unintentionally by a human agent. (Ortmeier, page 30.) These accidents are usually the result of employees or individuals failing to follow safety rules or just being careless. As a result accidents cost employers money and drive insurance premiums through the roof. To help protect both the employee and employer, Congress passed the Occupational Safety and Health Act in 1970. This act requires employees to provide a safe working environment. The main goal for this act is to prevent accidents before they happen and save companies money by reducing the amount of injury claims.

Heavy fines are imposed to companies found not in compliance with OSHA standards. However, these fines do not compare to the amount of money that could be loss settling injury claims.

Human error is another threat to security today. Losses may occur mistakenly and unintentionally through human error. (Ortmeier, page 31.) Poor record keeping and inadvertent discard of valuables are common. (Ortmeier, page 31.) Human error is not a criminal act but ends up costing business when proper procedures are not followed when dealing with, damaged merchandise, under-rung products, and defective merchandise.

Another real threat to security is fire. There are four different classifications of fire depending on the type of combustibles. The classifications are: Class A (paper/wood), Class B (flammable liquids), Class C (electrical), and Class D (metals). Any one or a combination of all four could occur at the same...