three branches of the government is about just that, the 3 branches of the US government

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In one form or another order must be maintained. Different countries have different methods of doing this. Some countries have a dictatorship, while others have a monarchy. The United States, however, has a democracy. In a democracy three different types of branches of government present themselves.

One branch of the government, the Executive Branch includes the White House and Office of the President, plus offices that work directly with the President in preparation and implementation of major policy. The cabinet departments work directly with the president in preparation and implementations of major policy. The cabinet departments take charge of overseeing specific areas of top-level responsibility. Fourteen departments make up the cabinet department. Each department has one secretary. Fourteen secretaries make up the president's Cabinet. The Cabinet's secretaries report to the President about the happenings in their department. The president then makes a decision on what he wants to do about that particular problem.

If the problem can be settled inside that particular group then he will order the changes to be brought about. If the problem cannot be settled he then must go to congress to pass a bill or law.

Another branch in the government, the Judicial Branch, handles the courts, the U.S. Circuit Courts and Courts of Appeal. The U.S. Circuits Courts has eleven circuits. Each circuit has two or more states assigned to it. Among the circuit courts and court of appeal the Judicial Branch contains the District of Columbia Circuit, which caters to the capital. The U.S. Circuit Courts and Courts of Appeal deal with the problems in the states that they have been assigned. Contained in the Judicial Branch, the Supreme Court handles any case. According to the Constitution, "The judicial Power shall extend to all Cases, in Law and Equity, arising...