Three Characteristics of the American Pioneers

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After school, I walk in the door, plop myself down on the leather couch, and begin to think about the western pioneer's documentary we watched today in English class. Three distinct personality traits of these pioneers keep coming back to me as I ponder which ones to use in the assigned essay. Courage, perseverance, and passion keep pestering my mind.

Courage is the strongest and most important characteristic. It took a lot of guts and spirit to move their entire family west of common civilization half a hundred miles between them and the next individual. These farmers lived in primitive one-room dirt cabins carved out of an embankment, were faced with constant Indian threats, and survived on their own. These families valor represented the American dream to be free and explore new opportunities.

These adventurers possessed a unique trait that goes hand in hand with courage, perseverance. Throughout these families' lives, they were slapped in the face with hardships such as Indian attacks and crop failures.

It would have been easy for them to surrender to the obstacles and return to work in a predictable factory. Instead, they kept trying, never losing hope that their luck would change for the better. The pioneers perseverance and refusal to give up cultivated America image of possibilities.

Finally, I start to wonder what would bring them out to this frontier in the first place. It must be passion. The United States of America is a country of passion and commitment. This nation was discovered and populated by people overflowing with fervor, and it rose to its own government in the same manner. The pioneers refused to be forced to live in a cramped city performing a job that they were unsatisfied with. The individuals who moved out west went there and stayed for...