Three Characteristics of Effective Work Groups

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The three characteristics that will be discussed in this essay are motivation, communication and leadership. This essay will relate to relevant theories and theorist that have an association to any of the characteristics. The factors will be discussed in detail to portray how they can be used efficiently to create an effective work group and also how organisations will benefit from the outcomes of each individual in the team.

Groups are a crucial feature of any company or organisation. If an organisation is to function effectively it requires collaboration and co-operation among its members by working together in a group based activity. Mullins, J defined groups as 'any number of people who interact with one another are psychologically aware of one another; and perceive themselves to be a group'. An effective group is a group of individuals that frequently work together towards attaining a common goal. Each individual in a group is influential to another in many ways as every person wants to reach maximum success for their personal satisfaction and the organisation.

The individuals in a group will look forward to accomplishing every commission they are assigned and also often look forward to working together again In future. There are various ways of defining a group. Charles Handy (1993:150) defines group as 'any collection of people who perceive themselves to be a group'. However this definition is of inadequate use when considering effective or ineffective groups within an organisation.

Teams have been used and studied under many names and organisational programs such as, self-directed teams, self-managing teams, participative management and various other labels. Although the terms 'groups' and 'teams' are often used interchangeably, they are not the same thing. A "group" is usually referred to as a number of people or objects that are put together or considered as...