Three Days Left

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If I only had three more days to hear I would have to throw to the biggest concert ever next to Woodstock of course. I would pick all my favorite bands like The Ataris, Vision, Millencolin, Weezer, Pennywise, Foo Fighters, Silver Chair, Lagwagon and Gold Finger and many more.

The First day I would have to have The Suicide Machines open the concert with one of my favorite songs with one of my favorites by them called Break the Glass. I would spend most of the time in the pit crowd surfing and listening to the music. Each band will play one hour of my favorite songs by them like Alien and Bro Hymn by Pennywise. When its gets late the first night the show will be closed by Vision playing Close Minded as we head to the tents to get some sleep for the next day.

The next day I will wake up to Gold Finger playing 99 Red Balloons and stay in my tent and listen to the music. When the Foo Fighters are on stage I will join in the mosh pit again as the play songs like Big Me, Everlong, My Hero and Monkey Wrench. After them Silver Chair will play Pure Massacre, Israel's Son, Tomorrow and Suicidal Dream off their first album. Then Weezer would close the show for this night playing My Name is Jonas, Only in Dreams and The Sweater Song.

As the final day opens Lagwagon would play May 16 and Kids of America. Then The Ataris would play once last time playing all the songs they missed. After that Millencolin would play some of their songs like No Cigar and Summer of 69. This would be the longest days of the three with all the bands that we didn't fit in on the other days like Frenzal Rhomb, New Found Glory, Less then Jake and Jimmy Eat World. The show would close with all the bands playing one song of my choice with The Ataris closing it out with Let it Burn.

This would be the way I would want to spend my last three days of hearing. I would stay up all night as the music slowly fades away with my hearing till its completely silent and all I can see is hundreds of people standing around applauding the bands.